Photo by Tracey Noelle Luz
Photo by Tracey Noelle Luz

Luca Cusolito was born in Hollywood, Florida and was encouraged to explore creative expression with every medium that she could get her hands on in her formative youth. This often translated into winning free taco platters at Mexican restaurants in Broward County, a reward well worth creating impromptu artwork on the backs of children’s menus with broken crayons.

Her creative resume as an adult includes launching a successful handmade cosmetic line that enabled her to design the marketing, branding, and packaging of her indie wares. Cusolito explored fusing street photography, vintage advertisements, and prose to create digital designs on commission. Most of her creative work through 2005-2010 included photography, design and weaving stories through online branding presence.

Cusolito would soon circle back to creating original visual works of art using mixed media elements. Inspired by traditional glassblowing and enamoured with spray paint and paper collage, her works over the last five years have included large-scale installations using small 4″ x 4″ Sculptural Mosaics with glass on canvas to methodically layered abstract works using strips of deconstructed glossy fashion spreads to create unexpected images as part of the Deconstructions series.

The Sculptural Mosaics are an ongoing series of multidimensional sculptural mosaics utilizing spray paint and glass. These pieces demonstrate textural elements that are seemingly illuminated, and are reminiscent of observing organic material through a microscope.

Cusolito’s beauty + destruction series centered on three-dimensional objet d’art pieces that included a glass chalice spilling a pool of pills onto an ornate surface and a gold cigarette ashing glitter into its tiny tray. In another piece, a traditional Romanian shot glass sits splayed across a cascade of Swarovski crystals. Mirrors dotted with glitter-filled pill capsules are also included.

Cusolito has collaborated with a number of visual artists on past and current projects, including Alexander Pergament, Robert Piersanti, Katherine Ramos, Beth Achenbach, Michael Meadors, Ashley White Jacobson, Natasha Quam, Kathleen Brown, Adrianne Ruffin, and others.

Her materials are often found objects, reclaimed elements, and upcycled/repurposed surfaces. Most recently, Cusolito has been working with wood blocks, hollowed wood bark, and discarded books and magazines. Themes often explore social order and behavior, marketing communication, indulgence, and depravity.

She is currently working on the Deconstructions series and an installation of over 200 stenciled and paper collaged Prosecco bottles. The working title for this new series is bliss*front.

In other news, Cusolito still holds out for free tacos.